I’m a PhD student looking for native speakers of Chinese with recent IELTS scores of 5.0-6.5 to take part in my English reading study. The sessions take place at Victoria University (Kelburn campus).

If you participate, you’ll be put into one of two groups. The first group has one session of 1hr 20 min, for which you will be given a $15 supermarket voucher. The second group has two sessions (one day after the other) for a total time of about 2½ hrs. Those in the second group will be given a $30 supermarket voucher.

If you want to help language learning research, and learn more something about English, contact me at or 027-2469707.


Group 1: $15 supermarket voucher; Group 2: $30 supermarket voucher


Group 1: 1 hour 20 minutes, Group 2: about 2 and a half hours


Native speakers of (Mandarin) Chinese


Victoria University of Wellington


March 31, 2018

Ethics Approval

This study was approved by the Human Ethics Committee of Victoria University of Wellington. (21595)

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