Get rewarded for helping research

Your local university is actually doing some neat stuff. But more often than not, they can't complete studies or experiments because of lack of participants. Do your part to help out your university and help put it on the map! Oh, did we mention there's usually awesome rewards?

Title Description Reward Duration ConditionsLocation
‘Repeat after me’: The relationship between performance on elicited imitation and other proficiency » Are you a non-native speaker of English??? Then you can ... $20 voucher Up to 1.5 hoursNon-native speaker of EnglishUniversity of Auckland
Student Success: What matters most for high achieving Maori & non-Maori at secondary school » I would like to invite secondary school teachers and high ... Sincere gratitude 10-20 minutesTo be eligible to participate in this study: • Teachers ...Online Questionnaire (with University of Auckland)